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Standing Near the Cross News

With our ministry, Standing Near the Cross Inc. Craig and I taught Pioneer Evangelism in one of the villages in Rwanda in Feb. 2013. Our interpreter was named Rodrigue Gatungo who is, by the way, fluent in seven languages! He has been pastoring a village church for seven years is actively involved in sharing Christ, discipling new converts, and planting churches. He is also putting into practice the PE principles he has learned and has planted 7 churches in 2 years. 

Standing Near the Cross sent Rodrigue a new study Bible by way of Warren Hopson, a dear friend who was going to Rwanda to teach Pioneer Evangelism in another district. We arranged for Warren to connect with Rodrigue so that he might receive the Bible. Craig inscribed the Bible with Ps. 34:3. As he signed it he sensed the Lord’s prompting to place a financial love gift from the ministry inside to help support Rodrigue and his family (his wife and two boys). We had no idea the timeliness of the financial gift. See Rodrigue’s note below:

 Dear brother, I am very happy for the Lord used to send to me that very good Bible I have never seen in my life. What amazes me is Psalms 34:3 rescued from the danger of hunger yesterday. Please let me tell the story. Three days before yesterday, the food at home was over, nothing we had to eat. The night before yesterday I told my wife that tomorrow I am going to sell my phone for ten dollars so that we may see how we can feed our two sons. She kept quiet and at 5 in the morning she prayed silently that I am his servant. It is not worth that to happen. In my heart I felt the Lord convincing me to wait (before selling the phone until) tomorrow. Now the family is comforted through you dear brother, in fact you fed the hungry, you clothed the naked and you soothed the thirsty.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh glory be God, my dear friend. Now I was telling God give the reward  because you are my portion, he did thru you. Now may God bless you. Be blessed and pray for us to succeed in evangelism-Rodrigue


Here is a picture of Rodrigue baptizing a new believer in Jesus Christ. He led this women and 4 of her friends to the Lord and is currently discipling them. The five friends were musicians and dancers in a local club. As soon as they came to know Christ, they all quit their jobs since they did not feel that work honored the Lord or testified of their new life in Him. When they asked Rodrigue how they would support themselves without the income from the bar he replied, “Trust in the Lord.” We are blessed by his confidence in the Lord’s provision, his devotion to his church family, his desire to share Christ with others, and his commitment to disciple new converts.

Our involvement in Pioneer Evangelism had enabled us to travel to numerous countries and meet many servants of God sacrificially and faithfully giving of their time and resources to spread the gospel. Craig and I are humbled as we observe that in a great ordeal of affliction their abundance of joy and their deep poverty overflowed in the wealth of their liberality (2 Cor. 8:2). Your prayers and financial gifts to Standing Near the Cross Inc. enable us to continue in effective ministry such as this. As you read this newsletter we are currently ministering to underground pastors in Southeast Asia. Please continue to pray for us and thank you for your support.

Do you want to give to a specific need? While every ministry requires consistent expenditures toward operational costs, some people prefer to give to a specific need. Standing Near the Cross currently has 3 such opportunities. 

*Current Southeast Asia trip carries a cost of $3200.00 beyond the underwritten ministry expenses. This is an un-budgeted trip needing to be funded.

*We are embracing offering additional support for some of our impoverished co- laborers in Rwanda.

*We are continuing to help fund God’s Goat Ministry in northern Uganda.

Your gift of any size will enable us to continue investing in gospel ministry in other parts of the world through Standing Near the Cross Inc. at or by check at P.O. Box 477, Oakland, TN. 38060.

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