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I would be remiss if I implied that this season of our lives is easy. It isn't. But Craig and I are learning to walk by faith in a whole new dimension. While the end result is producing perseverance, it is tiring to take every thought captive and cast down vain imaginations when you are living on overload.

Faith walking, at its core, means we are pushed to rely on living outside what our five senses tell us. Craig and I are being stretched in ways we never dreamed. And I don't want to make it "look easy." It isn't. Oh wait. I already said that. Now I have taken to repeating myself. But let me say one more time, this is not easy. This is hard. Really, really hard. 

We are learning so many truths from this experience but I just have time to share one. In seasons of great stress, like this one, you live out the truth in the dark that you learned in the light. That is, all the truth that has been hidden in our hearts through the study of the Word of God when life was not so hard, is now being drawn upon. Because right now, in this moment, life has gotten hard. Too often we wait until the crisis of belief comes and we do not have anything to draw upon. We cry out to the Lord. In His mercy He responds. But sweet reader, we are not to be living by casting our pitiful selves on His mercy over and over again. We are to be living in His grace. And that is done by filling our barns with grain in the season of plenty, to sustain us in the times of famine.

Bayless Conley, a preacher in California, said it this way, "If you will fill your heart with God's Word when you don't need it (that is when life is not falling apart), the Word will fill your mouth when do need it." David said, "Thy Word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against You." We need to be hiding God's Word in our heart during the time when life is not so hard, so that we can pull it up from memory and speak it, when life gets hard. And it will. And it does. 

And so we press on. Faith walking. By faith. Not by sight.

When the crowds began to leave Jesus, He asked His disciples, "You do not want to go away also, do you?" Simon Peter answered Him, Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life" (John 6:67-69).

In seasons of stress, how grateful we are to be able to run to the Lord, bury our faces in His embrace. He alone has words of eternal life. Blessings.

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Craig and I will be moving into the cottage on Oct. 8, just 6 short weeks from now. The renovation has begun in earnest. We are getting very excited. The first step was to remove the garage door and replace it with windows.

Just look at how cute it looks!

We also put in new matching windows in the den.

The front door will be replaced with a regular sized door. Currently there is an industrial sized one. 

Things are moving along nicely.

French doors will go in on the back of the cottage. We will eventually have a screened porch on the back of the cottage. The natural light will help make the cottage feel warm and cheery. We cannot wait to move into this new place and this new season of our lives.

By the eye of faith we are believing God has something new and fresh for our lives. We will keep you posted on our faith walk and we thank you for traveling this path with us! Blessings.
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 I have been behind in my blog posts so let me catch you up. The renovation is beginning to move along on the cabin (a.k.a. the cottage). 

For those of you who are just now joining us, first of all, where have you been?!?!? For heaven's sake, we have been missing you!

Now let me catch you up because life is always wild and crazy at the Stockdale household and I would not want any of you to miss out on a moment of it! Kidding. I am a kidder. Anyhoo, the short version is this. Craig and I are in a whole new season of our lives. We are seriously downsizing from our current home to a 1 car garage with an attached workshop. My folks built it on some property they own in Moscow, TN. which is just south of Somerville. My folks intended to build a home there but were not able to when my dad got very sick and passed away. 

When the reno is complete we will have a snug little cottage to live "happily ever after" in. We got a new door, some windows to replace the overhead garage door (that will be our bedroom so that will be important), etch the concrete floor, put in a kitchen, and presto-chango - a home. just perfect for Mr. Stockdale and I plus 2 boxers and 1 spoiled cat named Joseph. Here are some pictures. This is the light fixture that will be over the kitchen island.

And this is our front door. I am not sure what color I will paint it but if you know anything about me, you already know that picking out a paint color is not one of my strong points!

Isn't it going to be charming? We are very excited about this new season in our lives, walking simply with our great God.

It appears that we will be moving into the cottage in the middle of October. We are very excited about it. I am still liquidating most of our possessions since they will not fit into the cottage. If you are interested in what I am selling it is on facebook on my page in the album marked "Items for Sale." I will keep you posted on our progress. Walking with God is one great big ole glorious adventure. Thanks for joining us on ours! Blessings.

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