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I have come to the conclusion that life is never easy!! Amen. I suppose the Lord prefers we not become too comfortable "down here" in this place that is not our home. We are pilgrims just passing through. Heaven is our home and woe to the one who start really liking it down here and dreading heading home to heaven!

Here is my latest insight from the marvelous journey of turning our little one-car garage into a home!

We have taken down a temporary wall my dad had built in the cabin. It created a small bedroom space for them and made a small alcove for my grandmother who lived with them for the last 7 years of her life. They would go out and spend the weekend in the cabin. My folks would sleep in the little bedroom and my grandmother had a bed in the little space created by the temporary wall. When the wall was removed what did we find - TERMITES.

Well of course we did. Why? Because nothing is ever easy!!

God does not want life to be easy for His children. Why?  Because we would stop looking to Him and start relying on ourselves and our own ability if we could. We would "handle" our stuff - strengthening our "self" life instead of crucifying it - which is a very dangerous exercise for any believer in Christ.

God uses His carefully orchestrated large crisis (like a move to the one car garage!) in our lives to burn off the dross of self and reveal the pure gold of our faith. Oddly, the big issues are often easier to deal with then the little aggravations (like the termites in the wall) we face.

Isn't that strange? Somehow we are able to "rise to the occasion" when our life is challenged in a big way (like the potential loss of everything we own). We fix our eyes on Jesus. We fall to our knees. We get busy in our prayer life. We engage our faith family to pray for us and share our burden. We get very spiritually in tune to the Spirit of God. We are driven into the Word. When life really falls apart we run to the Rock and beg to be hidden in the cleft and covered with His hand.

But what about when the little bitty irritations, aggravations, frustrations, and/or temptations show up? Then what do we do? We attempt to believe we can handle them in our own strength. So God sends termites to remind us that He is our only Source of Strength. He is our Provider. He is our Peace - in the midst or crisis or critters - He is our all and all.

My life is crazy. My world is nuts. My God is BIG!
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Craig and I took my sister and mom out to the cottage today. My sister lives out of town and came up for a few days. She and my mom brought out lunch and then we all drove out to see the work that has been done on the cabin.

I was struck again about how faithful God has been. Long before Craig and I could have ever dreamed we would need a place to live, God put it in my dad's heart to buy nearly 40 acres of land in Moscow, TN. with the intention of building a retirement home on it. To be able to enjoy the property until they began their house building project, dad hired a crew to build a one car garage with an attached workshop. They installed a well and had electricity run to it. They put in a little bath and a make-shift kitchen. It was sufficient for them to use on the weekends until he retired. The lake provided endless hours of relaxation for both of them, fishing from the bank and sitting in the shade. They had no way of knowing that, in years to come, their place would become our home due to the economic downturn and the impact it would have on our small family business. 

My folks never build their dream home. Poor health sidetracked my dad and ultimately took his life. My mom did not like the idea of living alone in the country. The house plans were shelved and the cabin sat virtually unused for 12 years. And then a financial crisis put us in a position to need a place to live - to downsize, purge our possessions, and simplify our live dramatically. 

So today we drove out to Moscow, Tn. (east on Macon Road towards Somerville). We sat in the cabin around a drop leaf table that had belonged to my great grandmother. We used her chairs and drank Diet Coke and talked about this newest phase of our lives.

Then we moved down to the lake and sat to soak in the view.

And what a view it is!

The renovation should begin in earnest in about 2 weeks. I will post a pictorial journal to take advantage of the opportunity to testify of the faithfulness of God. Craig and I are selling off most of our possessions in an effort to purge and pare down. In the end I think this will be my very favorite house! It is going be adorable, but we have such a sense of the presence and provision of God. God has prepared a place for us. What a staggering thought!

Thank you for all your kind notes and encouraging words. Craig and I are dwelling in the shadow of the Almighty and feeling suffocated by His strong embrace. 

I know my Redeemer lives. And because He lives we are faith-walking this thing out!
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I am all for SIMPLFYING my life in order to GLORIFY King Jesus. I have embraced this new life that has been rather violently thrust upon us. The downturn of the economy has forced us to make major life changes. We are drastically downsizing and moving into a very small cabin (really a one car garage with an attached workshop) which we are in the process of renovating. 

I have embraced this change. I have become more excited about moving to the new cottage than I am about staying in the house we built and have lived in for nearly 20 years ago, which is situated on 10 beautiful acres of 30 foot pine trees that Craig planted as seedlings. I have died to all this life provided and have prepared for a very simply life.

But today was hard. Strong emotions swirled around me until the dam of my reserve gave way. Tears poured. My mood darkened. My resolve failed. My courage dissolved. Anxiety overtook me. This sudden exposure of wounded emotions sent this warrior racing to her Daddy. Running wildly, I dashed in a panicky pace with tears stinging my eyes and blurring my vision. Wracking sobs made guttural sounds - at times startling me with their intensity. I was reminded of my own human frailty. A spirit being, inhabited by the Holy Spirit, encased in a human body that is fragile at best. And today the human responses overwhelmed my spirit man and threatened to take me down.

And this warrior of the Cross ran, shedding my spiritual armor as I made a frantic sprint for the arms of the Father. I was nothing more than a frightened child by the time I dropped into His arms and buried my face into His chest. Great sobs break free. Tears streamed. Words would not come. My thoughts were numb. My emotions were raw. Deep inside this armor this warrior is a child.

And yet I experienced victory today. Because I have learned that victory is often messy, nasty, ugly. A solider battles as the war rages around him. In the thick of the assault he is often not aware if his side is winning or suffering defeat. But he fights on. When the battle turns and victory is assured, the warrior is usually drenched with sweat and splattered with blood - his enemies' and his own. Victory is often messy, unseemly. But in the final count, the warrior is still standing. And that my friend IS THE VICTORY Christ grants us. We battle. We cry. We stumble. We stagger under the weight of the assault. We look to heaven believing we cannot possibly go on but somehow the simple act of looking towards the face of God empowers us and enables us to stand and fight.

And having done everything, stand firm. And keep standing. Bloodied warrior. Battle weary. Battered. Beaten. Brave. Bold. 


It has been a rough day, but by the grace of God . . .  I am STILL STANDING. And although it was messy, I have experienced Victory In Jesus!

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We stayed in the sweetest guest room on our recent trip to Asia. Cozy. Charming. Comfortable. Convenient. What more do you need?

The Asian people sleep on very hard beds, using only a thin mat for a mattress. Although they offered to pad ours with a stack of comforters, we found it to be quite comfortable. It took some getting used to though. For instance, if you dropped down on the bed - forgetting its "firm foundation" - you were in for a rude awakening. This mistake was only made one time!!

My neck pillow and I have traveled around the world! It is a faithful friend of mine. I use it on the airplane and I sleep with it at night. I let Craig have the Snoopy pillow. I just love it when we find "American" things in other countries. Snoopy. In Asia, of all places. Gotta love that! And notice the Pepsi bottle on  the floor. Oh the simple pleasures of life. A Pepsi. A hot Pepsi but a Pepsi none the less.

Notice the thin mat mattress directly on the wooden bed. Since I love a hard bed, I slept great. These hard beds may be why the Asian people have such good posture!

Do you see the rice mat? On one bed we actually slept directly on the rice mat. Interestingly, it is very cool to the skin in a very warm climate and made for a great night's sleep. 

We slept well. We ate well. And we saw God move in dramatic ways. What more can you ask for!?!?!?

My world is small. My God is BIG.
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We have enabled "comments" so please comment to your heart's content. I would love to hear from you. 

I have been sharing about the transition time we find ourselves in? Tell me. What is God doing in your life?
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