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If I am not careful I can talk myself into anything. Case in point. I love to stroll through an antique mall when I need to clear my head. Something about touching well-used and well -loved stuff reminds that that I am also well-used and well-loved and old enough to remember when these old things were new. Anyhoo, I went to Sheffield Antique Mall in Collierville for a brain-break after working for hours on closing my mom's estate. I was strolling through the booths and pondering life in general when I came upon this wonderful antique wire cage with a hinged door. It has obviously been used alot and was well-worn. I envisioned using it on my patio to hold a candle but I wondered what the history of the piece was..This one-of-a-kind piece surely had a story behind it. Hmmmm. I wondered. This purchase needed a story and I'm just the girl to conjure one up!  The more I thought about it the more I began to weave a story around it.  

Surely it had been used by a shepherd, I thought, to check on his flock by night. The wire had protected the flame from catching his cloak on fire. The loop on the top allowed him to walk briskly while swinging his lantern in time with his brisk stride. The sheep bleeped quietly as they saw their shepherd approaching them with the familiar lantern by his side. By the time I had taken the lantern to the counter to pay for it, I had woven a wonderful tale attached to my find, which only added to my delight in my purchase.

The next day Ray-Ray and I went to Warehouse 67 (a gorgeous home furnishing and accessory shop in Arlington) and what did I find. Two lanterns just like my one and only antique piece!!!! Evidently there were 3 shepherds with matching lanterns. Well of course there were!

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