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Prayer is such a divine mystery that I dare not even attempt to try to explain it. It is a spiritual reality that defies explanation but it is a spiritual discipline that cannot be ignored.

Prayer is the name given for heavenly communication between the child of God and the Heavenly Father. In my own prayer life some of my prayers are frantic, some are more like sounds and guttural noises than actual words, some are simple, some are selfish, some are poetic, some are powerful and sadly, some are pitiful. While I am no expert on the subject, I do know this much - if you want to get "good at it" then you simply must do it! Pray. Pray often. Pray always. Keep an open line of communication between yourself and your Heavenly Father. He delights in your presence, He loves to hear your voice, He is totally in love with you, He is anxious to hear from you, He wants you to pour out your heart to Him, His eye is upon you and His ear is continually towards you. Just as you delight in your child's communication with you, the Father loves to hear you call upon Him. However, He has some parameters that must be obeyed. He refuses to hear you if you regard sin in your life. He will not answer selfish or self-centered prayers. He will not tolerate any agenda that centers on anything short of His glory. He answers prayers that are aligned with His perfect will. The prayer that gets to heaven, starts in heaven. That is a quote of Dr. Adrian Rogers. When we pray God's will, revealed to us through His Word or by His Spirit, God will answer. And He will get all the glory. Do you want to get good at praying? Then pray. Don't just stand there, pray something! Pray often. Pray always. Pray without ceasing. Blessings.

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For the last 5 days Craig and I have had the unmitigated pleasure of keeping our BABY GRAND. Grayson (who will be 2 in July) came and stayed with JJ and Poppa while Mom and Dad (Dawson and Kathryn) slipped away off for a few days to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary and take a break from reality. A few days in the Smokey Mountains renewed their spirits and restored their souls. The two outdoor enthusiasts biked Cades Cove and had 7 close encounters of the BEAR VARIETY!

Spending every waking moment (the minute he went to sleep for a nap or the night, I dove into my bed!) with Baby Gray, reminded me of what I love to do - play baby!! The next few posts will be a random list of A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS about having a baby around the house!

1. The enthusiasm for life that every little one exhibits.

2. The ability to read the same book 15 times in a row, and view it as a brand new work of literature every time.

3. The habit of talking to oneself with reckless abandon.

4. Baby jabber.

5. Animal sounds

6. Singing Ole McDonald.

7. Being appreciated as an incredibly significant individual in the life of a child.

8. Looking at rocks all the way to the mailbox.

9. The familiar smell of Johnson & Johnson products.

10. The contented feeling of a sleeping baby in my arms.

I love mothering and now - grand mothering. But I just confirmed what I have known all along . . . this is one tough gig!! Blessings to all the moms who are faithfully at the task of training up the next generation in the way they should go.
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We (Craig, Ray-Ray, and I) would like to profoundly thank Josh Sheppard of Digital Elite for his tireless efforts to create our new Standing Near the Cross Inc. website. Because I use my computer primarily to type my Bible study manuscripts, back-up my photos, answer emails, and facebook, I am throughly electronically challenged on many levels. Josh's determination to complete this project in spite of my computer skill ineptness and his gracious patience are just one of the many reasons we like him so much!

With a heart to serve the Lord and advance His kingdom, Josh Sheppard and his company, Digital Elite, captured the heart of our Standing Near the Cross Ministry and created a virtual website to accomedate our needs. We will soon have podcasts of my lectures available, as well as some short videoes and print messages on topics like training toddlers, teens and social networks, and how to make those children mind you without blowing a gasket. You know-all the things that moms need to know! It is our intention to reach as many woman as we can with the teaching of the Word of God and the empowering encouragement of the Spirit of God. We beleive this website and blog will help us in our ongoing efforts to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. We praise the Lord for raising up Josh, a (young and hip) Christian businessman to assist us in this calling. We highly recommend him and his mad computer skills. Contact Josh through Digital Elite.

With that in mind, Craig and I dedicate Standing Near the Cross, the ministry, the website, and the blog to the Lord. May it be used in His hand as a viable tool to further the gospel message and to strengthen the home by capturing the heart of MOMS.
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Me, Myself, and My Ministry, Standing Near the Cross Inc. are thrilled to WELCOME you to our new website and blog home!

I am a Christian author, speaker and Bible teacher. I write and produce video-driven Bible studies especially for MOMS. Somebody's gotta help you sweet things to train up these little children for the Lord!! And I will gladly blog to encourage and inspire you in your faith-walk with Jesus Christ.

I update regularly so I hope you will visit often. I share about my family, my friends, and my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

My former blog at will be removed on May 26, 2010. Since it has been my blog address since 2006 I have many memories of my previous home. I will pack them in my memory bank and strive to make this new address feel like home, sweet, home!

"I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified."
1 Corinthians 2:2

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