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Baby Grand

For the last 5 days Craig and I have had the unmitigated pleasure of keeping our BABY GRAND. Grayson (who will be 2 in July) came and stayed with JJ and Poppa while Mom and Dad (Dawson and Kathryn) slipped away off for a few days to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary and take a break from reality. A few days in the Smokey Mountains renewed their spirits and restored their souls. The two outdoor enthusiasts biked Cades Cove and had 7 close encounters of the BEAR VARIETY!

Spending every waking moment (the minute he went to sleep for a nap or the night, I dove into my bed!) with Baby Gray, reminded me of what I love to do - play baby!! The next few posts will be a random list of A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS about having a baby around the house!

1. The enthusiasm for life that every little one exhibits.

2. The ability to read the same book 15 times in a row, and view it as a brand new work of literature every time.

3. The habit of talking to oneself with reckless abandon.

4. Baby jabber.

5. Animal sounds

6. Singing Ole McDonald.

7. Being appreciated as an incredibly significant individual in the life of a child.

8. Looking at rocks all the way to the mailbox.

9. The familiar smell of Johnson & Johnson products.

10. The contented feeling of a sleeping baby in my arms.

I love mothering and now - grand mothering. But I just confirmed what I have known all along . . . this is one tough gig!! Blessings to all the moms who are faithfully at the task of training up the next generation in the way they should go.
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