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Don't Just Stand There-Pray Something

Prayer is such a divine mystery that I dare not even attempt to try to explain it. It is a spiritual reality that defies explanation but it is a spiritual discipline that cannot be ignored.

Prayer is the name given for heavenly communication between the child of God and the Heavenly Father. In my own prayer life some of my prayers are frantic, some are more like sounds and guttural noises than actual words, some are simple, some are selfish, some are poetic, some are powerful and sadly, some are pitiful. While I am no expert on the subject, I do know this much - if you want to get "good at it" then you simply must do it! Pray. Pray often. Pray always. Keep an open line of communication between yourself and your Heavenly Father. He delights in your presence, He loves to hear your voice, He is totally in love with you, He is anxious to hear from you, He wants you to pour out your heart to Him, His eye is upon you and His ear is continually towards you. Just as you delight in your child's communication with you, the Father loves to hear you call upon Him. However, He has some parameters that must be obeyed. He refuses to hear you if you regard sin in your life. He will not answer selfish or self-centered prayers. He will not tolerate any agenda that centers on anything short of His glory. He answers prayers that are aligned with His perfect will. The prayer that gets to heaven, starts in heaven. That is a quote of Dr. Adrian Rogers. When we pray God's will, revealed to us through His Word or by His Spirit, God will answer. And He will get all the glory. Do you want to get good at praying? Then pray. Don't just stand there, pray something! Pray often. Pray always. Pray without ceasing. Blessings.

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