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 Apparently this is one possibility for the negoiated space at the cabin! I can't even begin to try and establish the pecking order between these three. The photo is a tad blurred but I think you can get the jest.

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I gotta tell ya, it been interesting watching Jean and Craig’s pets work out squatters rights in their new 900 square feet of living quarters. Come to think of it, it has been interesting watching Jean and Craig navigate in 900 square feet of living space! Just so everyone is on the same page they have 3 pets, Joey the chocolate point Siamese, Sadie also known as Boxer #1 and Marleigh, aka Boxer #2. Here are the mug shots.
                 JOE CAT                               SADIE   (speaking of ears - I'm just saying)  MARLEIGH
Joey in cat bed                        

I don’t know much about cats. Growing up I always had puppy dogs. I don’t speak cat-talk and I don’t understand the unspoken cat signals. Having said that, if I was going to have a kitty cat Joey would be the one I would select. He is a great cat – all 6 or 7 honking pounds of him.
One thing that I have come to realize is the position of a cat’s ears speaks volumes. Joey loves to have his ears rubbed. Prior to the arrival of Sadie and Marleigh, you could almost put Joey in a cat trance by rubbing his ears. He would get all relaxed and he would let you massage his ears as long as you were willing. Joey has seldom experienced any relaxed moments (let alone extended periods of relaxation) since Sadie and Marleigh blasted onto the scene. Relaxed ears on a cat are a good thing. Ears held rigid and straight up mean “MOUSE” but, oh mercy sakes, horizontal ears on a cat means you had better stand clear.
Just prior to the move into the cabin Jean and I were taking a break from packing. We were sitting on the couch trying to feature out how to fit it into a box when Joey jumped up on the arm of the sofa. He was looking for some ear rubbing. Marleigh saw him and eased up to say hello. The meeting went badly. Having never seen this exchange before, I watched has Marleigh inched just a fuzz closer. Then a smidge closer. Mar-Mar moved just a nano of an inch closer and in less time than it takes to blink the eye, Joey had poofed himself out to the size of a small watermelon, turned his ears horizontal and firmly against his face, hissed, extended his clawless chocolate paw out and swatted Marleigh’s nose.
Mar-Mar turned around and looked at us like, “what up wit dat”.
Jean as a name for dog vs. cat encounters like this. It is called a dust-up. She recently captured a photo of a dust-up in the making. Once Joey turns his ears horizontal, he counts to three before bringing the extended paw part. He’s trying to give Marleigh an opportunity to back that thang up which, apparently, her timing is still just a tad off.

You can see Joey's ears are going all horizontal and he's counting to three. I don't know if you can tell from this photo but his eyes are closed. Apparently in the cat kingdom when you close your eyes your opposition can't see you.

I think Mar-Mar and Joey could be buddies. They are both cuddlers and I can see them curled up beside each other on rainy days. Just hanging out enjoying a rainy day in the country. Sadie and Joey – well, not so much……
This is how the animals have divided up 900 square feet. It's looking like Craig and Jean will have to sit on the washer and dryer to watch tv and sleep in the bathtub.

Marleigh in the chair      Sadie on the couch      and      Joey on the bed!
Mar-in-chair.jpg       Sadie-on-couch.jpg                   Joey-on-the-bed.jpg

Have a blessed day,
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Ray-Ray here. I just wanted to share a few photos with you – thought y’all would get a kick out of them.
First off, for those who may not be familiar with Craig and Jean’s story, they are in transition at the moment – moving from one home to another. Last week they got themselves all packed up from house #1 and was preparing to move into their new home (#2) when the well-thought out plan hit a small snag. House #2 wasn’t quite ready. So, contents from house #1 went into storage and the Stockdales went to the curb. I’m teasing. Just teasing – you know that I couldn’t leave them in the drive with their pillows and blankets!
I called my husband and said, “Honey, got good news and bad news for you. Which one do you want first?” He said he thought I should lead with the good news, which I told him was the Stockdales had made the last run to the storage unit and house #1 was empty and clean. “Great” he replied ‘now hit me with the bad news’. House #2 isn’t ready and the Stockdales need a place to stay for a few days. Or weeks. Perhaps a year. You know stuff happens to the Stockdales that don’t happen to regular folk. My sweet husband said, “Great. Bring the little strays home. Look forward to having them with us.” Bless his heart.
Here are a few photos of our house post Stockdale move in. Funny. Just too funny.

This is the ministry office after the boss lady moved her stuff in!

Ministry Office

Another ministry office shot

This is where we put Jean's computer.

And this is to show you how generous my "everything has a place and said item should be in its place" husband is. Look at his extra garage bay.

We are having a ball with our house guests for as long as they want to stay with us. Just thought you guys might enjoy a glimpse into the craziness that has descended upon us. 
Love ya,
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