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Craig spent Saturday moving dirt and digging the footing for the carport and front porch. Even with the skid-steer, the job was daunting. We have not had rain of any consequence in months and the ground is like concrete. Speaking of concrete, the concrete should be poured on Thursday.

I don't know why the dogs are so thirsty. They didn't do anything!

We will be moving in on October 8, 2010. We believe that this will be our favorite home. God has given us unspeakable joy as we maneuver this season of our lives and prepare for the next great adventure.

 Like a house, a life much have a firm foundation. Craig and I have chosen to build our lives and our little cottage on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. Unlike the unwise people that build a life on shifting sand that cannot endure the storms of life, we have build our lives upon the Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ. Storms have come. This financial one that we are in the midst of, has been threatening at times, but we know that while we may stumble in the high winds, we will not be utterly cast down because He upholds us with His strong right hand.

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Craig and I drove the boxers out to the cottage today. The Realtor was showing the house and it is best that the dogs not be there, what with all the barking and licking. Marleigh is a licker. She really enjoys getting a quick taste of all who enter her domain. And frankly, though I find it charming, not everyone does. So we left.

The front door is installed. We chose a solid door with a small fan light in the top.

Although I wanted privacy for our cottage, I also wanted to see some light. As I thought about that fact, I realized that is what the Lord desires as well. Not everything about me is up for public consumption, but HE WANTS TO SEE SOME LIGHT FROM MY LIFE! The Lord Jesus wants a usable vessel that allows His light to shine forth.

While you ponder that truth here are some photos from our trip to the cabin. Marleigh and Sadie, the boxers, got to ride out to the cottage.

The French doors open to the back of the house, which will one day be a screened-in porch. They flood the cottage with wonderful natural light and really open it up.

Here the dogs are giving the cottage a good once over with their noses. The dogs are in what will be our bedroom-formerly the 1 car garage. It is amazing what you can do with some spackle and sheetrock.

In 5 short weeks this will be home-sweet-home. I can't wait to tell you all about it. Thanks for faith walking along with us in this incredible journey. Blessings.
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