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Ministry to Moms

“Teach me how to study.” That is the cry of the heart of the women I meet. It is not a matter of obedience; it is a matter of technique. Because I believe the study of the Word of God is the only avenue to facilitate change and achieve sanctification, I have written interactive Bible studies for women in every walk of life. 

Individual Study: Each workbook can be done by an individual as an 8-week self-guided Bible study. Jean’s narrative style of writing incorporated with daily homework assignments and thought-provoking questions, will lead you on an in-depth study of the Scriptures. Practical insight combined with powerful truths will move the reader into a deeper walk with the Lord.

In-Home Discipleship Group: In addition to the workbook, Jean has produced accompanying videos of her weekly lectures. The addition of these 45-50 minute lectures (DVDs or CDs) will allow a group of participants to watch her expound on the truths of the study. The use of the DVDs extends the 8-week program into a 10-week study, with the addition of an opening and a closing message. Her use of sanctified humor and personal illustrations greatly enhance your study. Gather a group of friends, put on a pot of coffee, pop in a DVD and study along with Jean.

Church Program: Jean’s Bible study workbook, along with her 10-set DVDs (containing her weekly lectures), allows a church to incorporate her ministry into their present programming. A detailed leader’s guide is included in each workbook. An administrator can easily facilitate the study. Instructions for using the option of small groups are included.