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What Others Are Saying

Donna Gaines

Wife of Dr. Steve Gaines, Pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church, Cordova, TN.

Jean is a gifted teacher and author who has the ability to take everyday experiences and glean deep spiritual truths from them. She is a master storyteller. She weaves her own life experiences into the instructions of the Lord in the book of Proverbs. From it we receive a modern-day instruction manual for parenting that is infused with the Word and power of God. Jean is very transparent about the joys and challenges of rearing children. You will find yourself laughing, crying, and being encouraged to hang in there, for this stage will not last forever. Each new stage of life brings its own set of discoveries and opportunities for growth. God will bless you and instruct you as you study His Word and begin to apply it to your personal life. Our greatest calling as parents is to pass our faith on to the next generation. Our passion for Christ is better caught than taught. Dear Mom, may the Lord bless you as you turn to Him for wisdom. Do not lean on your own understanding (Pro. 3:5). By the time you finish this study, you will consider Jean a dear friend. And that is what we are—friends and sisters in Christ in this high call of motherhood.

Marge Lenow

Director of Women's Ministry, Bellevue Baptist Church, Cordova, TN.

Jean Stockdale is the very epitome of the Titus 2 woman. Since 1990, she has faithfully taught in the MOMS Ministry at Bellevue Baptist Church.  A woman of passion, Jean is passionate about the Lord and teaching His Word to the young women who cross her path. You will be drawn in by Jean’s unique ability to apply scripture to the everyday issues of life. You will never forget her humorous stories illustrating Biblical principles. Dive in for a healthy dose of heart humor, honesty, hope, and healing!