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What Others Are Saying

Dr. Steve Gaines, Senior Pastor

Bellevue Baptist Church, Cordova, TN.

For years, Jean’s passion has been to teach and disciple young women, especially young mothers, to be all that God has called them to be. Her insightful teaching will inspire and inform you regardless of which lap of the Christian race you find yourself running. Jean has run the race well and she is finishing strong. You will do well to heed her advice as a seasoned runner and an articulate coach.

Ken Whitten, Senior Pastor

Idlewild Baptist Church, Lutz, FL.

Years ago God gave me the blessed privilege of serving as College Pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church, Cordova, Tennessee. While there were several gifted teachers who discipled young women in that ministry, one in particular stands out in my mind. I was constantly being bombarded with requests from young women desiring to be in her class. Her love for the Lord and for people, her passion to see women grow, mixed with her giftedness to exposit God’s Word with practical insight for everyday living was an irresistible combination for those girls.That teacher yesterday is still God’s mouthpiece today, and her passion is even greater than ever. That, my friend, is Jean Stockdale.